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Let Your Passion Shine (LYPS) is a project about you

and for everyone. 


By putting your passion(s) out there, by vocalizing them and spreading them,

you will naturally attract them to you. 

Maybe everybody already knows what it is, but you just want to tell them again.

Or maybe the people you know don’t know about what makes your eyes spark yet. 

So by showing them in a video and spreading the word, we hope to inspire people from

all directions to ask you about your expertise and create more meaningful contact.

We want to connect people on that level.

From a place of passion, love for what you do, curiosity and authenticity.

We want to facilitate the opening of new doors, simply by providing a short video about you and your passions. 

It is mostly up to you to spread the word.

Only with your permission will we share it in our campaign.

Because we want this opportunity to be available for as many people as possible, we offer this free of filming, directing and editing costs.

We only ask for the traveling fees in case there are any.

Currently were are based in The Netherlands.

Fill in the form below if you'd like to take part

in this project and shine!

Side b Lyps page
Let Your Passion Shine!

Get your own passion bio video for free. 

Thanks for submitting! We will contact you for more details and planning.

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