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New Project Launching!

We are finally launching "Let Your Passion Shine" (LYPS), a project we are very passionate and excited about!

It aims to connect people from a place of authenticity, love for what we do and curiosity by showcasing and promoting their passion(s) with a short video.

With that we hope to inspire the world to live more happily and more productive.

When someone gets to dive into their talents and the things they love to do, this will happen; as long as we also increase our awareness and pitch in some Seva (selfless service) for the planet.

Given that variable we believe the planet and the people on it can truly evolve when we start living more passionately, and more connected.

And yes, this means less mass production, because the hobbyist might turn craftsman given the chance, and we go back in the sense that more of our living spaces and things we use every day will be customized. But, is that really a step back though? Isn’t that exactly the way to lessen the footprint of some mass production operations and beautify our lives?

Technology won’t stop advancing, we’ll always have computer and machine lovers because that stuff is fascinating (apparently)!

It’s safe to say we’ll need to re-balance how we operate as an economy on global level and local levels, especially in developing countries because they will be most heavily affected by people wanting less mass produced products in the first place. and there are more mouths to feed with less means, and then we haven't even touched on safety, security and health.

But let me zoom back in.

Giving a person a microphone and their preferred tool and asking them to share about their passions, can be a truly empowering thing and it's important for us as humans to practice our passions and encourage one another in them.

Oftentimes they are a map to our purpose, and this is known to make people feel fulfilled.

And it makes sense to support people towards feeling fulfilled.

If you're interested in participating or just want to know more, go to the following link:

As soon as we have our first videos they will be shown there as well.


Remember to live passionately today <3


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